History of Anna Kingsford and the Spiritual Thunderbolt Part 3

About the history of Anna Kingsford who claims to have developed a spiritual thunderbolt that gave her the power to kill people with her mind.


In December of 1877, while listening to Dr. Bernard lecture on his latest experiments, in which he had slowly baked animals to death in a specially constructed oven in order to study body heat, Anna jumped up and screamed, "Murderer!" There followed an argument between Anna and Bernard over the morality of his "torturing of defenseless animals." After storming out of the classroom, Anna stopped in the hall and summoned all of her powers. Feeling as though she were a "spiritual thunderbolt," she launched her occult self against Bernard, cursing his existence, and then she collapsed. Soon after that Bernard fell ill. Six weeks later, when Anna arrived at his classroom, she found a note tacked to the door announcing his funeral.

Anna exultantly told Maitland of her part in Bernard's death with these words: "Woe be to the torturers. . . .I will make it dangerous, nay, deadly, to be a vivisector. It is the only argument that will affect them. Meanwhile, thank God the head of the gang is dead." In 1886 her attention turned to Dr. Paul Bert and Dr. Louis Pasteur. She labeled Dr. Bert, a noted medical researcher, "the most notorious of the vivisecting fraternity." Occupants of buildings near Bert's Parisian laboratory frequently complained about his habit of leaving partially dissected animals alive overnight. Their cries of agony made it impossible for these neighbors to sleep. Anna again hurled her thunderbolt, and Bert slowly but surely fell ill and wasted away until he died in November, 1886. Anna noted in her diary: "I have killed Paul Bert, as I killed Claude Bernard; as I will kill Louis Pasteur if I live long enough . . . it is a magnificent power to have, and one that transcends all vulgar methods of dealing out justice to tyrants."

The thunderbolt directed at Pasteur struck a couple of months after Bert's death, in February, 1887. Although the ailment took Pasteur to the brink of death, he swiftly recovered within the month. A year later, on Feb. 22, 1888, Anna Kingsford died in London. A cold she had caught while investigating Pasteur's laboratory, aggravated by her asthma, turned into tuberculosis, which killed her.

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