History of Sex Manuals Abraham Stone's Marriage Manual Part 2

About the history of the A Marriage Manual: A Practical Guidebook to Sex and Marriage by Abraham Stone, history, overview and advice from the sexual manual.

The Development of the Sex Manual



1. Combine sensuality and sentiment. Understand each other and be in harmony. Cultivate the "art of sex," which blends physical, emotional, and aesthetic factors.

2. Develop your own sexual pattern to make it "a mutual adventure, rather than be guided in every detail by the instructions of a Baedeker in the art of love."

3. Since a woman's sexuality is more diffuse and her arousal slower, the man should gently and sensitively court her, caressing her and engaging her in love play.

4. Only in the beginning of the relationship should the woman be passive.

5. In many women, "the sexual response can only be evoked by directed stimulation of the clitoris," whereupon it is transferred to the vagina.

6. Having sex during menstruation is not a good idea. (Many would disagree.)

7. Onanism (withdrawal of the penis before ejaculation) is "physiologically and psychologically unsound."

8. The husband's capacity usually determines the frequency of intercourse in marriage. He should not strain his "capacity to the limit."

9. A woman who is indifferent to desire should not "constantly emphasize" that fact to her husband. In fact, say the Stones--but not most modern authorities--she might consider faking interest and "reaction to sexual stimulation," which in turn might "aid in gradually correcting her sexual indifference" as well as "create a greater marital harmony."

10. Ways of awakening a frigid wife include sex education, elimination of fears, birth control, medical and psychiatric help. The husband should acquire delicacy and skill in arousing her and be sensitive to what satisfies her. However, the wife should also play an active part, not lie back and wait for things to be done to her.

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