History of Sex Manuals The Golden Book of Love

About the book The Golden Book of Love or Kinethesia of Love, history, overview and advice from the sexual manual.

The Development of the Sex Manual

A Special Note: 600 Positions

Perhaps the most complete source for positions in sexual intercourse. is The Golden Book of Love (originally titled Kinesthesia of Love), a "recipe book" of 600 ways to do it. The author, Joseph Weckerle, was a founder of the "natural life" cult that flourished in Europe in the early 1900s in rebellion against the puritanical attitudes of the Victorian Age. Though its stance toward sex was hedonistic, the cult sanctioned physical fitness, recommending naked hikes (wearing only a rucksack) and plunges into icy pools. Weckerle was a professor of physical education, a specialist in gymnastics, and many of the positions he describes are only for the athletic (he kindly marks those with a star); some are even planned for the horizontal bars. He is eclectic in his choices of location--horse-drawn hacks, trains, water, pieces of furniture. Each position is fancifully named (for the woman-on-top position, "revenge" or "Ariadne," for example), explained in a concise paragraph or two, and illustrated with a line drawing.

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