History of Sex Manuals The Joy of Sex Part 2

About the book The Joy of Sex: A Cordon Bleu Guide to Lovemaking by Alexander Comfort, history, overview and advice from the sexual manual.

The Development of the Sex Manual



1. The two basic rules are "Don't do anything you don't really enjoy" and "Find your partner's needs and don't balk at them if you can help it."

2. Take off your shell along with your clothes.

3. Just before orgasm, try free-associating out loud about your sexual fantasies.

4. Play at psychodrama if it appeals to you, e.g., sultan and concubine; burglar and maiden; "Tonight I'm a virgin."

5. Generally, in oral and manual sex, women tend to use too little pressure to please a man, and men tend to use too much to please a woman.

6. A penis is a fascinating toy for a woman. She can roll it like pastry, among other things. A note to men: If a woman retches when performing fellatio on you, it is not because she doesn't like you, it is just the gag reflex.

7. When a man performs oral or manual sex on a woman's genitals, he should not concentrate too much on the clitoris and should remember that the best point of pressure varies during the act. In a restaurant, a man can take off a shoe and sock and titillate a woman's genitals with his big toe.

8. Decorate your lover with screw-on earrings--on the nipples, clitoris, labia. (Don't screw them on too tightly.)

9. Never blow into a vagina; it can cause an air embolism.

10. Develop your own sexual "meal" of oral and manual sex as well as coitus.

11. Use the woman-on-top position with care. If you're clumsy, you can hurt yourself or your partner.

12. Anal intercourse is illegal in England and in parts of the U.S. If you engage in it, be careful of injury and infection. Wash before switching to genital-to-genital position.

13. Wear weird clothing if that's what turns your partner on.

14. To alleviate "hair-trigger trouble" (premature ejaculation), thrust only enough to maintain your erection, use the woman-astride position, stop every time orgasm approaches, or see an expert.

15. In the "Birth Control" section, Comfort recommends the use of the pill, which he says "is still the safest and best method [of contraception], and a safer drug than aspirin." Most physicians today, however, recommend the pill with caution because of possible dangerous side effects.

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