History of Sex Manuals The Kama Sutra Part 2

About the history of the Kama Sutra, history, overview and advice from the sexual manual.

The Development of the Sex Manual

KAMA SUTRA (100 A.D.-500 A.D.)


1. To court a woman, go swimming with her. Dive far away, then surface near her, so that your wet bodies touch, as if by accident.

2. Women should never make the first move in sex.

3. To indicate desire, a man may pull at his mustache, stare at the woman meaningfully, click his nails, play with his jewels.

4. Some of the best unions are achieved by matching similar genital sizes, which are designated as follows:

Size Woman Man

Small organ Doe Hare

Medium organ Mare Bull

Large organ Elephant Horse

According to the Kama Sutra, if you're a horse, it's best to stick with an elephant.

5. Scratching and biting arts include the Leap of the Hare (5 nail marks around the nipple) and the Line of Jewels (line of teeth marks). Be careful!

6. One Indian school of thought recommends trying out difficult positions for intercourse in water. (Orthodox Hindu religion prohibits it.)

7. The man should "delicately press and palpitate" the woman's erogenous zones.

8. A recommended embrace is the Tree Climber: The woman puts one foot on the foot of her lover, her other leg around his thigh, one arm around his neck, the other around his loins--while crooning desire.

9. If the man is tired, the couple can assume the woman-astride position (Woman Who Plays the Role of the Man). Some women can turn around and around on the penis while in this position ("Spinning Top"), though, says Mallanaga, in a masterpiece of understatement, "This can only be learned through practice."

10. During the honeymoon, the couple should take 10 days to reach the point of lovemaking.

11. At the end of intercourse, the man should keep his penis in the vagina, thrusting but not removing it (Chasing the Sparrow).

12. An ideal ending for a night of love? The couple should look at the stars while the man gives an astronomy lesson.

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