History of Sex Manuals The Perfumed Garden Part 2

About the history of the Perfumed Garden, history, overview and advice from the sexual manual.

The Development of the Sex Manual


Still, The Perfumed Garden approaches sex with a lusty and guiltless attitude that must have shocked the Victorians. Anecdotes describe the "deceits and treacheries of women" (hiding their lovers in closets, etc.) and the miracle man who could deflower 80 virgins without ever ejaculating. Terms for the genital organs are almost poetic: for the penis--crowbar, one-eyed, bald one, the rummager, the ransacker; for the vulva--slit, crested one, crusher, bottomless, the delicious.


1. Don't make love "only to satisfy the passion of your mistress."

2. "The acme of enjoyment . . . depends on one circumstance . . . that the vulva is furnished with a suction pump [orifice of the uterus], which will clasp the virile member and suck up the sperm with irresistible force."

3. To please a woman, a man's "engine" (penis) must be from 6 to 9 in. long. (False.)

4. Love play and kissing are essential. "A woman is like a fruit, which will not yield its sweetness until you rub it between your hands."

5. Among the positions described are Frog-fashion, Screw of Archimedes, Rainbow Arch. Some are difficult. In the Somersault, the woman lets her pantaloons drop on her feet, then puts her head between her feet so that her neck is caught in the pantaloons, where-upon the man, facing her, grabs her legs and turns her on her back so that she performs a somersault. Then, curving his legs under him, the man inserts his penis in her vagina.

6. A thin man can use a cushion to raise his hip to the right height when having intercourse--side by side--with a fat woman.

7. Try several movements during intercourse, such as Bucket in the Well (alternate pushing movements), Mutual Shock (pushing together and withdrawing), Love's Tailor (several quick moves only partly in the vagina, then plunging in), the Toothpick in the Vulva (up and down, then right and left with the penis), Boxing Up of Love (penis entirely in the vagina, moving hard, never withdrawing).

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