History of Sex Manuals The Tao of Love and Sex Part 1

About the book The Tao of Love and Sex: The Ancient Chinese Way to Ecstasy by Jolan Chang, history, overview and advice from the sexual manual.

The Development of the Sex Manual


Instructor: Jolan Chang (or Chang Chung-Lan) (b. 1916). Born in Hang-chow, a beautiful seaside city in China, Jolan Chang became interested in women at the age of seven. At 16 he first read of the ancient Tao of loving, which holds as a basic tenet the control of male emissions, but when he began to have sexual relationships with women two years later, he relied on advice in a translation of Van de Velde's Ideal Marriage because he wanted to ejaculate every time he made love. For two summer months during W.W. II, he lived with a woman in the ancient walled city of Tsunyi, where Mao had his headquarters during the Long March. Jolan made love to the woman three times a day, ejaculating each time, but she wanted more. Later, at age 30, he began to follow the Tao. Now past 60, he makes love several times a day and claims, "Often on a Sunday, I make love two or three times in the morning, and then go cycling for nearly the whole day, about 20 or 30 mi., and then make love again before going to sleep." He currently lives in Stockholm.

Overview: Jolan's sources for this book are both ancient Chinese and modern international authorities. During the 13th and 14th centuries, Mongols overran China and in 88 years of repression destroyed almost all erotic texts. They did not destroy the Tao Te Ching, however, which fortunately incorporated many earlier works. The Secrets of the Jade Chamber, probably written during the Han dynasty (206 B.C. to 219 A.D.), is one of these; it consists of sexual advice given to the probably legendary Emperor Huang Ti by his four advisers (three female and one male). Another of Chang's sources is Priceless Recipe by Sun S'su-Mo, a 7th-century physician who initiated smallpox inoculations. Their advice is compared and incorporated with that of modern sexologists like Alfred Kinsey and Masters and Johnson. What seem to be new discoveries, it turns out, are often rooted in ancient techniques. For example, the squeeze technique to prevent premature ejaculation recommended by the ancient Chinese masters is quite similar to the Masters and Johnson squeeze technique.

The Taoists tied longevity and good health to their lovemaking practices, which were based on the conservation of the male emission, the satisfaction (even satiation) of women, and the harmony of Yin (female essence) and Yang (male essence). Through this process, couples can make love virtually whenever they want to without worry about birth control.

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