History of Sex Manuals The Tao of Love and Sex Part 2

About the book The Tao of Love and Sex: The Ancient Chinese Way to Ecstasy by Jolan Chang, history, overview and advice from the sexual manual.

The Development of the Sex Manual



1. Determine your optimum frequency for ejaculation. The ancient Chinese were numerical about it; they said a man of 20 should ejaculate once every 4 days, a man of 50 once every 20 days, and so on. Chang recommends keeping track of your reaction to ejaculation. If you are elated and feeling stronger after ejaculating, then you are on the right track.

2. To achieve the ability to refrain from ejaculating, follow a series of steps, according to the ancient Chinese:

* Don't allow yourself to become too excited. If you start to become overly aroused, stop with your Jade Peak (penis) only 1 in. inside the Jade Gate (vagina) and wait until you are calm.

* Follow a thrusting pattern of three shallow and one deep at first, then progress to five shallow and one deep, and finally to nine shallow and one deep.

Chang adds:

* Spend time with the woman, thinking of her as a person.

* Avoid fellatio, as it might bring on ejaculation. (Cunnilingus is recommended, both by Chang and the Tao masters, because through it the man obtains precious Yin essence from the woman.)

* Make love ecstatically and poetically, using all your senses.

3. The ancient Chinese squeeze technique to prevent ejaculation is performed by the man, who puts the fore and middle fingers of his left hand at a point between the scrotum and anus and presses for three or four seconds, while taking a deep breath.

4. Satisfy your partner with the "thousand loving thrusts" which, Chang says, can be accomplished in 1,800 seconds at a slow rhythm.

5. Find the best position for you and your partner as an individual couple.

6. Vary the style and depth of your thrusts; for example, moving up and down "as a wild horse bucking through a stream," pulling in and out "as a group of sea gulls playing on the waves," plunging "low like a huge sailing boat braving the gale."

7. Even though the Tao is addressed to men, it stresses the fact that women's sexual needs should be fulfilled. Men are advised to watch for certain female responses, including the following:

--"If she desires him to enter, her nostrils will be extended and her mouth open."

--"She raises her legs. It indicates that she wishes closer friction of her clitoris."

--"She extends her abdomen. It indicates that she wishes shallower thrusts."

--"She uses her feet like hooks to pull the man. It indicates that she wishes deeper thrusts."

--"Her thighs are moving. It indicates that she is greatly pleased."

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