Household Tips and Hints Bathroom

A list of helpful household tips and hints for the bathroom.



* Wet hands often drop bathroom bottles. "Slipproof" your bottles by wrapping a thin piece of adhesive tape around them.

* Extra shower hooks, placed on the rod inside your shower curtain, are wonderful space savers. The hooks can be used for hanging your shower brush, other toiletries, and hand-washables that can conveniently drip dry.

* Water displacement is the simplest method of saving water in flush toilets. Fill two plastic bottles with pebbles and put them at opposite ends of the toilet tank.

* Make use of leftover soap scraps. Here are three suggestions.

1. Break soap into very small pieces, place in a blender, add water, and use the "grate" setting to make liquid detergent (ideal for washing nylons or other delicate items).

2. Make a pocket in a large cellulose sponge by cutting a slot in the longest edge. Insert soap scraps to make an inexpensive sudsy sponge for your bath or shower.

3. Put soap pieces in an old pan, add water, and slowly melt together on the stove. When you have a firm jelly mixture, pour it into cupcake tins and let it harden into new cakes of soap.

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