Household Tips and Hints Bedroom

A list of helpful household tips and hints for the bedroom.



* Forget which garments in your closet need to be mended? Tie ribbons around the hooks of five or six hangers. The next time you are undressing and notice a missing button or ripped seam, put the damaged garment on one of the designated hangers.

8 To vacuum beneath dressers that are too heavy to move, simply remove the bottom drawer. The nozzle on your vacuum attachment will easily fit into the empty space you have created.

* Many people stack shoe boxes on top of each other in the closet but hate to get shoes from any of the bottom boxes. Avoid the problem by cutting out one end--not a side--of each box, then restack them. You can see what is in each box and can pull out and replace shoes without toppling the stack of boxes.

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