Household Tips and Hints Living Room and Dining Room

A list of helpful household tips and hints for the living and dining room.


Living Room and Dining Room

* To fix a cigarette burn in a wall-to-wall carpet, first cut out damaged fibers with a small pair of scissors. Then cut replacement fibers from a scrap of leftover carpet. Put a little glue into the hole, then press in the new fibers and let dry thoroughly.

* Moving heavy furniture over hardwood floors can be a disastrous experience. To prevent damaging the floor, put crushed plastic milk cartons under furniture legs. The waxed cartons will allow you to slide the furniture across the floor. No scratches--and no injured backs.

* Save money with this homemade furniture wax: Mix one tablespoon of lemon oil (available at drugstores) with one quart of mineral oil (available at hardware stores). Use in a spray bottle if you wish.

* To remove indentation marks left by furniture on rugs, hold a steam iron about 1 or 2 in. over the spot--not on the spot. Then brush up the nap.

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