Kilroy Was Here Kilroy's Christmas Trolley Part 3

About the story of Kilroy's Christmas Trolley from Kilroy Was Here fame.

Kilroy's Christmas Trolley

On Dec. 23 the old trolley was loaded aboard a 75-ton low bed trailer to be lugged over the road to Halifax. That king-size truck may not have looked much like a sleigh as it grunted and groaned its way out of the Boston Elevated trolley yard in Everett, about 35 mi. from Halifax, but to the Kilroys, it was just that.

The trolley was escorted by a crew of nine men, and their assignment was to make certain it didn't get caught under any low bridge or in any street lights during the long, slow trip to Halifax. The first day, the trolley traveled about 20 mi. It was just about halfway home. That night, it was parked in a vacant lot in the town of Canton. Overnight, tiny flakes of snow drifted slowly down from the sky. A few at first. Then more and more of them. By daybreak, it was a blizzard. It was going to be a white Christmas after all.

White Christmases may be what most people want, but at the Kilroys' in Halifax, a couple of nervous parents did a lot of fingernail nibbling. To them, it seemed the entire family was destined to endure a gloomy Christmas thanks to all that white stuff outside. With so much of it on the ground, how was Santa going to be able to make his special Christmas delivery at their house?

During the afternoon, the snow stopped. And in the evening, a crowd of neighbors and friends, and even the local Board of Selectmen, were on hand to welcome the trolley-if it ever showed up. It didn't. After a reasonable wait in the snow, everybody went home.

The Kilroy children hung their stockings by the fireplace with care and headed up to bed. The older ones prayed the trolley would be there in the morning. The younger ones knew it would be there. Such is the power of Sawnta.

Christmas morning dawned. Like children all over, the children were up early that day at the Kilroy home. In fact, they were all dressed and out in the backyard playing when their parents awoke. In the yard, amid all that snow, was the bright orange trolley. It was parked by the side of the house, and though it lacked tracks, the vintage vehicle was destined to make countless journeys to wonderlands even modern-day trolleys, with all their complex gadgets, have never been privileged to visit.

There may have been a blizzard that Christmas Eve. But St. Nick was not about to disappoint those nine Kilroy children. Chalked on the ceiling of the trolley was the message: "Santa Was Here." There was no doubt about that.

SOURCE: By Richard Pritchett. Reprinted with permission from the NRTA Journal. Copyright 1976 by the National Retired Teachers Association.

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