Money and Financial Practical Proposals

About a few pratical proposals for money and financial concerns including enviornmental tax incentives and picturse on credit cards.



Ecological Tax Incentives

I don't understand why the government doesn't use tax incentives to clean up our environment. Instead of giving tax breaks to the oil industry, they should be given to the solar and wind energy industries. Companies engaged in recycling of waste products shouldn't have to pay taxes at all. In the last People's Almanac you talked about businesses owned by the employees. These could receive tax breaks too.

Suzi Belknap

Toronto, Ontario

Picture Credit Cards

I am presently considering getting a credit card. I have no need for credit, but often, when I want to cash a check, salespeople will ask to see a credit card. I told this to a friend of mine and she advised me not to; if I lost the card someone could use it (although only up to $50 would be charged to me).

I have an idea. Why not put the person's picture on his or her credit card? This way, if a person lost his credit card, anyone who found it couldn't charge things to the owner's name (unless he was a good look-alike). This would cost more than issuing a plastic card. The company could simply charge the person a fee for the picture (rather than charge indirectly through service charges).

Gary De Jong

Pella, Ia.

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