Most Powerful Groups in the World - Trilateral Commission Part 3

About the history of the organization known as the Trilateral Commission which plays a part in world politics and policy.



The group's most controversial paper has fueled charges that the commission is devoted to the idea of a few elite ruling the world. The Crisis of Democracy outlines inherent weaknesses of the democratic system and cites the need for leaders of "expertise, seniority, experience, and special talents" to take over in certain situations and "override the claims of democracy."

Famous Members: One of the Trilateral Commission's greatest successes was its ability to place key thinkers in top policy making posts in the Carter administration. The list of Carter cabinet members who formerly belonged to the commission include Vice-President Walter Mondale, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, Under Secretary of State Warren Christopher, Treasury Secretary W. Michael Blumenthal, Defense Secretary Harold Brown, U.S. representative to the U.N. Andrew Young, and, of course, Carter's national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski. One of President Ronald Reagan's key economic advisers and Defense Dept. head, Caspar Weinberger, was also part of the Trilateral clan. The commission's American membership overlaps heavily with the Council on Foreign Relations. Former Under Secretary of State George Ball, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Arthur Burns, and AFL-CIO president Lane Kirkland belong to both organizations. Familiar Bilderberg Group names such as Fiat president Giovanni Agnelli and French financier Baron Edmond de Rothschild pop up on its international roster. The ruling classes of Japan and Western Europe are represented on the council with corporate executives from the Bank of Tokyo, Fuji Bank, Bank of Madrid, and Royal Dutch Petroleum, and multinational corporations such as Boeing, Coca-Cola, Sony, and Toyota all have members on the commission as well. A number of media representatives also belong, including ones from La Stampa, Die Zeit, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Minneapolis Star and Tribune.

How Much Power: Though no tax money goes directly toward its operation and the public has no say concerning its membership or its policies, the Trilateral Commission may be one of the most powerful international organizations in the world. It is out to build an inter-locking global economy controlled by a handful of multinational corporations. Trilateralists themselves have called repeatedly for the establishment of a supranational institution that would regulate foreign investments.

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