Posthumous Fame Diary Writer Anne Frank

About the famous diary writer Anne Frank, biography and history of the man who achieved fame after only death.


ANNE FRANK (1929-1945), German diarist

Among the many persons driven underground by Hitler was a young Jewish girl who wanted to be an author and died at the age of 15 in Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. She fled Germany with her parents and settled in Amsterdam shortly after the Nazis took over in 1933. When the Nazi occupiers began to round up Dutch Jews for extermination in 1941, the Franks and four neighbors went into hiding on the top floor of an obscure row house on the Prinsengracht Canal. Here they lived for two years, and here Anne confided in a notebook an account of daily existence, family activities, and her own feelings. Finally betrayed by a Dutch informer on Aug. 4, 1944, the group was arrested by the Gestapo. Only Anne's father, Otto Frank, survived the war. He retrieved the diary where it had fallen on the tenement floor the day of the arrest. Its publication and theater adaptation caused an immediate sensation. One of the most literate and engaging prison logs in history, The Diary of Anne Frank is a profoundly moving document of the triumph of the human spirit over circumstance. It has been translated into 32 languages, and the Amsterdam hideaway in which it was written continues to attract visitors from all over the world.

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