Science Fiction Planets Christopher Stasheff's Gramarye

About the planet Gramarye described in the book The Warlock in Spite of Himself by science fiction writer by Christopher Stasheff.



Location: Gramarye is the fifth planet of a G-type sun near Capricorn.

Discoverer: The original discoverer is unknown; the rediscoverer of the world is Rodney d'Armand, better known as Rod Gallowglass, an agent for SCENT (the Society for the Conversion of Extraterrestrial Nascent Totalitarianisms), who has been sent by DDT (the Decentralized Democratic Tribunal) to locate the lost Terran colony on Gramarye.

Book: The Warlock in Spite of Himself (1969) by Christopher Stasheff, together with its sequel, King Kobold.

Description: Gramarye is basically a swamp world filled with amphibians, fish, insects, and very little else of note; its climate corresponds to that of Earth 300 million years ago. One large island has been stocked with Terran plants and animals, the corresponding native life having been exterminated; since the island is flanked by a cold polar current, the temperature is just under Earth normal. The original Terran colony consisted of anachronists and devotees of medieval life who set up a society based on the pattern of romanticized Earth history during the Middle Ages. Hence, no sophisticated technology is allowed; the largest dwellings are castles; the serfs and peasants labor for the aristocratic classes, which consist of a hereditary monarch and assorted noblemen. But Rod finds that all is not quite as ordered as it seems. Witches, werewolves, fairies, elves, warlocks, ghosts, and other figments of medieval imagination really exist on Gramarye and appear to have real magical powers. Rod later determines that the populace has developed psionic powers during its millennium of history; that this isolated colony has produced the only concentrated center of telepaths in the entire galaxy. Gramarye thus becomes the center of a political struggle which transcends time itself, and in which Rod Gallowglass becomes the key to the future of human civilization.

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