Secret of Harry Houdini's Magic

About a possible solution to the magic of Harry Houdini.

Houdini's Secret

Harry Houdini (1874-1926) was the best-known magician of the 20th century. He was famous, said Encyclopaedia Britannica, for his "daring feats of extrication from shackles, ropes, and handcuffs and from various locked containers. . . . In a typical act he was shackled with irons and placed in a box that was locked, roped, and weighted. The box was submerged from a boat, to which he returned after freeing himself underwater."

The big mystery, in all of Houdini's stunts, was how did he free himself? How did he escape every time?

Suffering an accident that would lead to his death, Houdini was rushed to a hospital in Detroit. One of our readers was present. She may have the solution to the great Houdini mystery. Here is her contribution.

From: LOU NITZBERG (Pleasant Ridge, Mich.)

I was the scrub nurse for Dr. J. B. Kennedy when he operated on Houdini. Then, after the surgery, I was the floor nurse. Mr. Houdini had very thick black hair and in it he kept a long metal spindle. Another one fitted into the callous part of his foot. They were probably used to help open locks, etc.

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