Surgery for the Blind Seeing is Believing

About one person's account of corrective surgery for the blind.

Seeing Is Believing

From: MARIE RILEY (Enfield, Conn.)

In the summer of 1979, I stopped at a neighborhood store and went directly to the deli section for my purchases. I was astounded to see a young lady and young man standing among the fine foods smiling, but with tears streaming down their faces. Needless to say, I did not know what to make of this, so I waited for one of them to explain.

"Ma'am, did you see the lady in the green suit that just passed you?" he finally asked.

I replied that I had. He went on to share with me what in Webster's terms could be described as a "miracle." The lovely lady had just ventured her first trip to the store after having an eye transplant. She had been blind since birth.

"She has a daughter my age and has never seen her," said the young lady. "I cannot imagine my mother never being able to see me."

I too shed tears for this lovely event. Upon leaving the store, I saw the green-suited lady was smiling, still observing life for the first time. She was a little confused, though. It appears she and her dearest friend, her beautiful, trusting dog, had made this adventure without money to purchase the items she wanted. Gently, a woman offered her a dime and explained where the phone was so she could call her husband.

It was a beautiful sight to share. Perhaps you the reader, too, can enjoy God's true gifts to mankind. Seeing is indeed believing.

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