Time and History 11:00 A.M. Charge of the Light Brigade

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11:00 in the Morning

Oct. 25, 1854. The Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaklava began. Galloping forward, 675 British horsemen rode into "the valley of death" with 12 Russian guns backed by the complete Russian cavalry awaiting them at the end of the ride. On both sides of the valley the Russian infantry was poised with 22 guns. Eight minutes elapsed before the Light Brigade reached the Russians. Another four minutes were spent in fierce hand-to-hand combat, and it took eight more minutes to return. The suicidal attack so confused the disbelieving Russians that 3,000 of them retreated in complete disorder. Almost 250 men were killed and wounded, and 475 horses lay dead.

The charge resulted from a misunderstood order delivered by a Captain Nolan, who, once he realized the dreadful mistake, tried to stop the advance by galloping ahead and screaming for the men to return. As he did so, Nolan was killed by sharpnel from the first Russian shell. When Lord Cardigan, the officer who led the charge, inspected his troops immediately afterward, he said, "Men, it is a mad-brained trick, but it is no fault of mine." One of the remaining 195 troopers stepped forward and said, "Never mind, my lord, we are ready to go again!" The cavalry cheered in agreement.

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