Time and History 11:53 P.M. Eichmann is Hanged

About major and minor historical events around the clock such as the execution of Nazi war criminal Karl Adolf Eichmann at 11:53 in the evening.


11:53 in the Evening

May 31, 1962. Karl Adolf Eichmann was hanged inside Ramleh Prison, near Tel Aviv, Israel, for the mass murder of 6 million Jews. Of all the Nazi exterminating machines. Eichmann was the most efficient and enthusiastic. After the war he escaped to find political asylum in Argentina. On May 11, 1960, Israeli Secret Service agents kidnapped him, and nine days later he was smuggled out of the country on board an El Al Britannia plane officially described as a "diplomatic charter flight." The Israeli government was informed of the capture by a cable: BEAST IN CHAINS. Ironically, Eichmann's Jewish appearance once caused him to be violently beaten by Nazi sympathizers, and when he first joined the Socialists he was thought to be a Jewish spy. One wonders if, on the gallows, he was still proud of the boast he made in 1944: "I shall leap into my grave laughing, because the feeling I have that the deaths of 5 million people on my conscience will be for me a source of extraordinary satisfaction."

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