Time and History 5:30 P.M. Brazil's National Anthem Himno de Carta

About major and minor historical events around the clock such as King Pedro of Brazil writing the National Anthem Himno de Carta at 530 in the afternoon.


5:30 in the Afternoon

Sept. 7, 1822. King Pedro of Brazil, inspired by his country's newly gained independence from Portugal, took pen to paper in an effort to commemorate the event. By 9:00 P.M. he had produced the words and music of the Himno da Carta. Later in the evening, backed by a full chorus, he gave a personal rendition to the court. Delighted with his own work, he decreed that from that day on it would be the official national anthem of Brazil. However, in 1826 Pedro succeeded his father, John VI, as King of Portugal. When he arrived in his new kingdom he had with him the Himno da Carta and decreed that it was to become the national anthem of Portugal. This act left the Brazillians without an anthem for nearly a century. The Himno da Carta has the unique double distinction of being the only national anthem composed by a reigning monarch, as well as being almost certainly the most quickly composed.

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