Time and History 9:15 P.M. D-Day Warning Broadcast

About major and minor historical events around the clock such as the D-Day warning signal broadcast to the French Underground at 9:15 in the evening.


9:15 in the Evening

June 5, 1944. The BBC radio news was interrupted by this report: "Eileen is married to Jo....It is hot in Suez.... The compass points north.... The dice are on the table." To thousands of listeners, including many Germans, this message was utter nonsense. To the French underground, however, it was the signal that D-Day was imminent. Over 5,000 French resistance workers, each carrying two packages of TNT, went out into the night and blasted important railway targets. In addition, 74 telephone exchanges were destroyed, and roads that German reinforcements would have to travel along were blown up.

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