Unusual Magazines Anabiosis

About the unusual magazine Anabiosis, information on subscriptions, subjects, and samples.



Subscription: Triannually; $15 per year, overseas $20 per year; P.O. Box 2309, East Peoria, Ill. 61611; circulation 243.

Subject Matter: Anabiosis, subtitled "A Regular Digest of News for the Membership of the Association for the Scientific Study of Near-Death Phenomena, Inc.," contains information about the latest developments in the field of near-death research, personal accounts of near-death experiences, life-after-death themes in historical art, news briefs, and book reviews.

Sample Material: "No mode of nearly dying has occasioned more interest than that of the suicide attempt. What does the individual who attempts to take his own life experience when he reaches the threshold of death?... it appears that suicide-related NDEs [near-death experiences] are not different in any significant way from those which occur in conjunction with illness or accident. Exactly the same features are disclosed by suicide survivors who have come close to death in finding themselves out of their body, being able to view their physical body as though a spectator to it, floating through a dark space, becoming aware of a golden light and a `presence' with which they communicate, and so on."

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