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About the unusual magazine Boxcar, information on subscriptions, subjects, and samples.



Subscription: Irregularly; $5 a lifetime; P.O. Box 14437, San Francisco, Calif. 94114; circulation 2,000.

Subject Matter: Boxcar, subtitled "A Journal of the Women's Itinerant Hobos' Union," publishes stories overheard along the road. It prints fiction and poetry that in some way show an "intimate sense of motion."

Sample Articles: "The Overalls Brigade"; "Boxcar Bertha."

Sample Materials: "Every different mode of long-distance travel in America can be likened to a different cause of death. Jet travel is heart attack, the quick killer; automobiles are cancer, prolonged and remorseless. Buses are murder, a messy and painful death. Hitchhiking is clearly suicidal nowadays. And trains; trains are that most romantic of terminal illnesses, tuberculosis. Like T.B., train travel is generally thought, in America, to have been eliminated."

"It was September, 1972. We were riding freights to the thirty-second General Convention of the Industrial Workers of the World in Chicago, inspired by a famous episode in 1908 when 20 `Wobblies' from Portland had beat their way via `sidecar Pullman' to that year's conclave.... Midnight found us in the Western Pacific railyards of West Oakland, under bright stars, listening to boxcars being slammed back and forth like rounds of heavy artillery coming in from the explosion of light that was San Francisco across the bay."

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