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About the unusual magazine Counter Spy, information on subscriptions, subjects, and samples.



Subscription: Quarterly; $10 per year; P.O. Box 647, Ben Franklin Station, Washington, D.C. 20044; circulation figure not available.

Subject Matter: Counter Spy publishes well-documented articles that deal with the crimes and abuses of intelligence agencies.

Sample Articles: "CIA-IMF-World Bank-Aid: Counterinsurgency in Thailand"; "CIA's Chamber of Commerce in Argentina"; "New CIA Bill: Death to the First Amendment."

Sample Material: "The recent uprisings in Iran and South Korea share two exacerbating causes: a CIA-created, euphemistically-entitled intelligence agency and an exploiting Gulf Oil Corporation. In Iran, the secret intelligence agency was the illegal, brutal SAVAK. In South Korea, it is the equally brutal Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA). Gulf, of course, was one of the U.S. oil corporations which, along with the CIA, installed the shah and his 26 years of repression that meant untold profits for Gulf. Appropriately enough, Gulf later hired as a vice-president, Kermit Roosevelt, who engineered the CIA's coup and installation of oppression in Iran in 1953.... Gulf is also in South Korea.... During Roosevelt's vice-presidency, Gulf made illegal payments to the Democratic Republican Party of Park Chung Hee.... Gulf later channeled $3 million to Park's 1971 presidential campaign."

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