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Subscription: Quarterly; $15 for membership; 11 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. 02138; circulation 8,000.

Subject Matter: Cultural Survival is a center for information on indigenous people and threatened cultures. Its newsletter is designed to expose urgent problems facing indigenous people everywhere and to publicize and mitigate against the more violent infringements of human rights as well as the more subtle ongoing ones.

Sample Materials: "The government of Guyana is still attempting to finance the large-scale, hydroelectric scheme on the Upper Mazaruni River that would flood the homes of some 4,500 Akawaio Indians."

"Cultural Survival will assist the Cubeo [Indians] in converting a local food source into a cash crop. This project will support the production, development, and international distribution of powdered chili peppers (aji), a hot and spicy seasoning. The Cubeo are not presently involved in the large-scale coca production for use in cocaine, although the production of coca is spreading through much of the Colombian Amazonia."

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