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Subscription: Monthly; $8 per year; P.O. Box 86, Polo, Ill. 61064; circulation 800.

Subject Matter: The Edseletter carries news and folklore about the Edsel.

Sample Material: "Featured at the Saturday night banquet was C. Gayle Warnock, one of the top echelon officials in the development of the Edsel, and his speech was very interesting. (Of course, he is also the author of The Edsel Affair, a must book for every Edsel fan. After reading it, the reason the Edsel failed is not nearly the mystery it once was.) Although Mr. Warnock disclaimed any heroes right at the very outset, I took Richard Krafve as worthy of hero status. Others seemed to opt for Larry Doyle. One thing for sure, though, Robert McNamara must have used his Edsel experience as basic training for the Vietnam War."

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