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About the unusual magazine Flat Earth News, information on subscriptions, subjects, and samples.



Subscription: Quarterly; $10 per year; Box 2533, Lancaster, Calif. 93539; circulation 1,800.

Subject Matter: Published by fundamentalist Christians Charles and Marjory Johnson, the News is dedicated to proving that the earth is flat and that there is hardly one word of truth in modern astronomy and physics. (Skylab was a hoax; the sun and moon are each 32 mi. across and 3,000 mi. from earth.)

Sample Article: "Charles Lindbergh Proved Earth Flat."

Sample Material: "The river Nile in its long course flows for 1,000 mi. with only a fall of one foot. This would be an impossibility if the supposed curvature of the earth's surface were a reality. Thus we see how irrefutable facts directly controvert the theories and assumptions of modern astronomy, and how persistently these facts are ignored."

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