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Subscription: Monthly; $15 a year; 116 W. 14th Street, New York, N.Y. 10011; circulation 45,000.

Subject Matter: Known as "The Newsletter for Grown-Up Kids," Gadget previews and reviews the latest consumer gadgets, machines, and things, from revolving corn holders to state-of-the-arts videocassette recorders and videodisc players.

Sample Materials: "What's bigger than a contact lens but smaller than a dime? Give up? It's the world's smallest quartz watch movement from the Citizens Watch Co. (1099 Wall Street, Lyndhurst, N.J. 07071). Designed in the analog style, this timepiece measures only 120 cubic millimeters including the battery. The Citizens Quartz 1500 represents a new breakthrough in microminiaturization.... There will be three styles available. Two are bracelet-types in 18K yellow gold, one with 154 diamonds. The movement will also be incorporated into an 18K gold ring. Price: around $10,000."

"Recently, Americans have embraced the sport of soccer with a zest resulting in a meteoric rise in popularity. New players and long-time enthusiasts alike will love the Lighted Soccer Ball. It's great for night games. Distributed by Soccer International, Inc. (P.O. Box 7222, Dept. GWL, Arlington, Va. 22207)... the ball is illuminated by a light stick which fits into a cavity molded into the ball. The light stick, which lasts 10-12 hours, can be stored in the freezer when not in use. Price: $18.00 (plus $1.50 postage and handling)."

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