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Subscription: Three times annually; pound 2.50 in Great Britain, pound 3.50 abroad; The Gnome Reserve, West Putford, Devon EX22 7XE, England; circulation 600.

Subject Matter: Gnome News, sent to members of the Gnome Club, contains a wide variety of articles about Gnomes and related subjects, some serious (ecology, metaphysics), others humorous. Gnome News is really the publication of the 1,500 model Gnomes that live on the Gnome Reserve. It links Gnomes around the world via their human friends.

Sample Materials: "It makes me happy to think about Gnomes. It makes me happy to be making Gnomes in concrete or in pottery or to be writing or speaking about them. For it makes me happiest when I can share Gnomes and the land in which the Gnomes live with other people. For Gnomes live in the inner earth, where the sun never rises and never sets, but always shines.... Every male Gnome looks very old--perhaps as old as the earth--and simultaneously as young as a small child. While every female Gnome is created with and never loses eternal beauty. All Gnomes therefore combine the wisdom of the ages with the innocence of a child. It makes me happy to think about this."

Advertisement: "Secretary Wanted--The Fairy Investigation Society (first founded in 1927) is in need of a dedicated Hon. Sec. Any offers? Please contact Leslie Shepard, County Dublin, Irish Republic."

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