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Subscription: Every so often; free to members of the Procrastinators' Club of America; 1111 Broad-Locust Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 19102; circulation 3,600.

Subject Matter: Last Month's Newsletter publishes the "late" news of the Procrastinators' Club, including information on upcoming events, cartoons, essays, and poems emphasizing the procrastination philosophy, and advice on how to procrastinate beneficially.

Sample Materials: "Every year we pay homage to one specific person or thing who warrants the famed `Procrastinator of the Year Award.' When you get around to it, why not submit a nominee you consider worthy? Past honors include--

A Topless Dancer (for putting things off, of course)

Methodist Hospital (for not placing their cornerstone, dated 1968, until 1972) Illinois Central (for the latest of trains--left in 1903 and hasn't arrived yet!)"

"`President's Message': Please forgive us this one time, but the president's message, which was planned to appear in this space, missed our late deadline, and we promise to make every effort to get a message prepared in time for our next issue if and when it comes out, provided we're not pushed or rushed into it and end up with a message as inferior as this one would have been if we had more time and space."

"Get your votes in for your choice of Miss Procrastinator of 1966. Soon, please. The girls are getting old."

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