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Subscription: Quarterly; free to members; P.O. Box 696, San Marcos, Calif. 92069; circulation 10,000.

Subject Matter: Life Lines is a digest of information on research in the field of aging. It is the official organ of the Committee for an Extended Lifespan, a nonprofit association dedicated to the subject of longevity.

Sample Materials: "You may be interested in my experience in extending life. At age 36 I supposedly had four more years to live. Through the use of electronic medicine I have extended my life to 85 and still expect another 15 years.

"I have learned that diseased body tissues are, in principle and effect, minute broadcasting stations. Every type of disease, therefore, has its characteristic and specific wavelength and frequency.

"Electronic treatment machines are designed to detect the imbalances of body energies manifested in disease and to apply delicate and finely-tuned electromagnetic waves of low intensity for their correction, thereby affording nature an opportunity to clear up the disease and restore the patient to health."

"Sue Willie Reid celebrated her century mark last February [1980], in Omaha, Neb. She attributes her long life to `the grace of God and an ounce of 100-proof Kentucky bourbon daily as a "toddy for the body."' . . . Centenarian Alice M. Loomis is busily engaged in research in the prevention of senility. The Lincoln, Neb., Ph.D., who never married, attributes her long and healthy life to constructive activity, insatiable curiosity, and a continuing desire for education."

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