Unusual Magazines Maledicta

About the unusual magazine Maledicta, information on subscriptions, subjects, and samples.



Subscription: Semiannually; $15 a year, $20 for institutions; 331 South Greenfield Avenue, Waukesha, Wis. 53186; circulation 2,000.

Subject Matter: Subtitled "The International Journal of Verbal Aggression," Maledicta provides scholarly, uncensored studies of insults and "dirty" or "offensive" words and expressions.

Sample Articles: "Putting Obscene Words into the Dictionary"; "In a Pig's Eye and Related Expressions"; "Racial and Ethnic Slurs: Regional Awareness and Variations."

Sample Materials: From the regular column "Elite Maledicta," which features "bad words" used by or against famous people:

"Among the angry reactions about the hostages taken by Iran's Khomeini, a bumper sticker seen in Washington, D.C., Feb. 3, 1980: KHOMEINI is a Shi'ite Head."

"Wisconsin's funny governor, Lee Dreyfus, recently upset the Honey Producers Association by telling the State Honey Queen, Lynn Ludack, that he ate honey, but his wife did not because she considers it bee poop."

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