Unusual Magazines Medical Self-Care

About the unusual magazine Medical Self-Care, information on subscriptions, subjects, and samples.



Subscription: Quarterly; $15 per year; P.O. Box 717, Inverness, Calif. 94937; circulation 15,000.

Subject Matter: Features articles that teach paramedical skills and offer guidelines on effective use of doctors and the health care system, gives news of the growing self-care classes and resource centers, and reviews health books.

Sample Articles: "Why Doctors Don't Speak Your Language"; "Are Cigarettes Radioactive?"; "In My Mind's Eye, I'm Shirley MacLaine."

Sample Material: "American cigarette consumption may be slowly leveling off, but in the Third World sales are booming as never before. Third World peoples see smoking as an emblem of national progress, and smoking American cigarettes is often considered a status symbol. The health risks of smoking are also less widely known."

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