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Subscription: Bimonthly; $8 a year; Huntshieldford, St. Johns Chapel, Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham, DL13 iRQ, England; circulation 200.

Subject Matter: This is an informal newsletter sent to N.I.S. members, dealing mainly with the activities at Loch Ness but also containing news from any other location in the world that reports strange water creatures.

Sample Material: "Lake Bala: The Sunday Express of Oct. 14, 1979, had an article about the Welsh Lake Bala. . . . There have been sightings reported at regular intervals over the past 12 years. In September, 1979, Mrs. Jones, from Llanuwchllyn two miles from the lake, was being driven along the lakeside road when the water was suddenly disturbed and she saw for a short time a large, dark, humped shape. This submerged smoothly just leaving the waves behind. When she told neighbours what she had seen, she was apprehensive that they would laugh at her. But she found others had had similar experiences with `Anghenfil,' the Welsh name for the monster."

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