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Subscription: Monthly; $25 a year; P.O. Box 8844, Washington, D.C. 20003; circulation 2,000.

Subject Matter: Known as "an independent monthly on privacy in a computer age," Privacy Journal covers credit, medical and bank records, wiretapping, polygraphs, new technology, new legislation, and court decisions affecting privacy.

Sample Materials: "Using the Privacy Act, a Los Angeles man discovered a reason why he could not find work in the film industry for many years. The FBI had falsely branded him a Communist."

"The list of materials you've borrowed from the library may be more interesting to some investigators than the library's books and films themselves: 1980--In Texas, police officers asked a public library to provide the names of all persons who had borrowed chemistry manuals found at the site of an illegal drug lab. 1979--State criminal investigators in Iowa asked the Des Moines Public Library to provide the names of borrowers of books on occult practices. The officers were investigating cattle mutilations thought to be the results of cult rites. In Connecticut, police investigating the burning of a cross asked the local library for names of persons using materials on the Ku Klux Klan."

"The Church of Scientology has more than 20 lawsuits against federal agencies including one for as much as $750 million. But in a letter to the FBI, church attorneys have now complained of an invasion of members' privacy and demanded from the FBI damages of just $6. The Scientologists said they caught two FBI agents sneaking into a church movie presentation through a kitchen at the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel. And they want to recover the $3 admission charge for each intruder."

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