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Subscription: Quarterly; $15 a year; Sunrise Farm, 100 Heath Road, Colrain, Mass. 01340; circulation 12,000.

Subject Matter: Soyfoods Magazine is the production, marketing, research, and consumer-interest journal for the worldwide soyfoods industry. It publishes articles on all soyfoods (tofu, tempeh, miso, soynuts, and secondary products), soyfoods pioneers, soybean agriculture, nutrition, and cooking.

Sample Articles: "How to Grow Soy Sprouts in a Commercial Shop"; "In Search of the Real Tamari"; "The Ohio Miso Company."

Sample Material: "Not only can tofu give people on restricted diets the much sought after inexpensive alternative, but it can also provide a totally flexible and delicious food that supplies many nutritional requirements.

"Both [heart disease and atherosclerosis] call for ... restrictions in diet. (1) Protein, vitamins, and minerals are needed to maintain satisfactory nutrition. Tofu (firm, 3 oz.) supplies 12 gm. protein, 36 gm. calcium, 120 gm. phosphorous, 2.7 gm. iron, .068 gm. thiamine, .026 gm. riboflavin. (2) A low-calorie diet should be used if obesity is a problem. Tofu (67.5 calories for 3 oz.) has less calories than cottage cheese (127.2). (3) Cholesterol intake should be restricted; tofu has no cholesterol. (4) Intake of saturated fat is reduced to a minimum. Tofu has the lowest fat count of any other source of protein, and only 15% of that fat is saturated."

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