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Subscription: Bimonthly; $18 a year, $34 for two years; 257 Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y. 10010; circulation 34,000.

Subject Matter: The magazine of conflict simulation, Strategy & Tactics features a complete military conflict simulation (adventure game) in every issue, as well as articles on military history, brief items of interest to the military historian-gamer, and reviews of games and books.

Sample Articles: "The Central Front: The Status of Forces in Europe and the Potential for Conflict"; "Fifth Corps: The Soviet Breakthrough at Fulda, Exclusive Rules."

Sample Materials: "A U.S. Navy pilot flying a Grumman Flll Tiger fighter actually managed to shoot himself down when, during air gunnery practice, he fired a burst from his 20mm cannon, executed a shallow dive (thus picking up speed) and pulled up--directly into the path of his own cannon shot! (He ejected safely.)"

"How to Play the Game--Central Front is a two-player game. One player controls the NATO forces, while the other player controls the Warsaw Pact forces. The players agree on a scenario they wish to play, and playing pieces are placed on the game-map in accordance with the scenario instructions.... The game-map portrays an area of West Germany where the hypothetical confrontation occurs, and is based on current military maps at ... scale."

Advertisement: "Computer Ambush (TM)...The sweat and death of war. In our first three months, nearly 2,000 of you bought the `$2,160 wargame,' Computer Bismarck (TM).... The second $2,160 wargame, Computer Ambush (TM), is more gut-wrenching than mind-stretching."

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