Unusual Magazines Techqua Ikachi

About the unusual magazine Techqua Ikachi, information on subscriptions, subjects, and samples.



Subscription: Frequency depends on funds collected from donations; P.O. Box 174, Hotevilla, Ariz. 86030; circulation 3,000.

Subject Matter: Short stories and profiles on the problems in the land of the Hopi Indians.

Sample Materials: "You will now enter the world of Bahanna (white race). The period when the first Bahanna planted the curse in Hopi land.... From your uncle's lips you have been hearing a lot about the Bahanna.... You often wondered what he looks like and when he will come. You did not know that you will have a chance to witness the historical event until the village crier announced that strange people are coming up to the mesa... They seem to be harmless and want to be friends. With the other children you go out to explore what the first Bahannas are like.... By and by you come nearer to get a better look. You hear them speaking a strange tongue. `Look,' you say excitedly, awed by such strange creatures, `look, their clothing is different.' `Look, they have hairs on their faces like dogs!' ... One of the Bahannas takes out a piece of cloth. Another pulls off the top of his head and replaces it without a show of blood. `They must be witches,' you think to yourself."

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