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Subscription: Quarterly; $10 per annum; Allergy Information Association, Room 7, 25 Poynter Drive, Weston, Ontario M9R 1K8, Canada; circulation 3,500.

Subject Matter: Tips on the practical management of allergies. Includes hints on special foods, cooking, fabrics, cleaning products, plus medical news, research, and book reviews.

Sample Articles: "Label Reading"; "Flame-retardant

Sleepwear--U.S.A."; "Heart Attacks Fewer for Breast-fed Babies."

Sample Materials: "It is now estimated that we all eat 9 lb. of additives a year, unless we make a real effort to avoid them. In 1970, the estimated figure was 5 lb. per annum per person. Despite the increased use and interest in natural food, we are still consuming more additives every year. We are all aware of the possibility of toxicity of additives....It is difficult enough to buy pure fruit juices, so many `juices' offered are only sugar, water, and additives. Substitute eggs, claimed to be equal in nutrition to eggs, failed a rat feeding test."

"Wine has been prescribed as a medication for centuries. Researchers with the Department of Health and Welfare know why. Wine reduces the activity of several viruses that infect the human stomach. For example, wine kills herpes simplex virus--a cause of cold sores. The chemicals contained in the skin of grapes are the source of the benefits of wine. Red wine is better than white wine for this action. Pure grape juice is the best source of all."

"The principal ingredient of deodorant is a highly allergenic substance, aluminum chlorhydrate.... [Researchers] have discovered that rats exposed to aluminum chlorhydrate via spray developed chronic lung inflammation.... Asthmatics have been cautioned by AIA and their physicians not to use spray products of any kind."

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