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Subscription: Monthly; $9.50 a year; 5705 Williamsburg Way, Durham, N.C. 27713; circulation 2,500.

Subject Matter: The APBA Journal is devoted exclusively to fans of APBA table-top sports games produced by the APBA Game Company, Lancaster, Pa.

Sample Materials: "I recently visited the APBA Game Company ... and had the pleasure to interview Mr. Fritz Light, APBA's master card maker.

AJ: Who are your favorite teams?

FRITZ: The Phillies, I'm sorry to say, and the Eagles.

AJ: When did you start to play APBA?

FRITZ: I started with the 1952 set ... let's see, that would be in 1953, when I was seven years old.

AJ: Which is your favorite APBA game?

FRITZ: Baseball, since it is my favorite sport.

AJ: Do you play the master or the regular game?

FRITZ: I like both. I like the managerial challenge involved in the master game, but I guess I prefer the basic game for solitaire since I grew up playing it."

"Here's a trivia oddity. The 1975 Mets were playing the 1973 Yankees. Matty Alou of the Yanks was on second base with one out. Ron Blomberg, Roy White, and Graig Nettles were the next three hitters. My next three dice rolls were 11, 66, 11 and you know how many runs I got out of it? None! That's right! Nobody!...Here's how it happened. With Blomberg at the plate, I rolled an 11 but one die rolled off my dining room table for a foul ball. The next dice roll was a 66 but one die was on the floor after once again rolling off my table. So, then I rolled another 11. This time it remained on the table. Blomberg has a five there. Homer, right? Wrong! Tug McGraw was pitching and his Master Game rating is an 11. Blomberg loses five points against the lefthander McGraw."

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