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Subscription: Monthly; free upon request; P.O. Box 7557, Fort Worth, Tex. 76111; circulation 16,000.

Subject Matter: Published by Cowboys For Christ, the message of The Christian Ranchman is about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Sample Materials: "Thank the Lord we have Cowboys For Christ now! I'm just hoping and praying that the barrel racers and their families will become Christians like all of us here, too. It breaks my heart when I go to rodeos or barrel racing things and see and hear them drinking, cussing, and doing other things! If they only knew that if they'd let God into their hearts and let Him take everything over, they wouldn't have so much trouble with their lives! Maybe some day we will have Cowgirls For Christ too."

"We had very little money and not many things, but I had a registered horse that was just starting to show promise in several events and I know how important he was to me; too important. My dream was to have several horses and in particular raise a few foals and have a good stallion, but as this seemed out of the question, I attached even more importance to the one I had, who was even a gelding. God spoke to me about it time and time again, but I just couldn't bring myself to give him to Him because I knew if I did, He would take him and then I'd have nothing and I couldn't live without horses."

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