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Subscription: Bimonthly; $10 per year; 977 Keeler Avenue, Berkeley, Calif. 94708; circulation 1,000.

Subject Matter: Subtitled "Newsletter of the Committee to End Violence Against the Next Generation," The Last ? Resort prints news of corporal punishment in schools and strategies for abolishing it.

Sample Materials: "Public records and court `findings of fact' reveal that for several years during the 1970s the Kate School staff:

--Slapped children on the hands, about the head, on the back, chest, legs and buttocks.

--Pulled children's hair and ears, pinched them and poked them, sometimes with a closed fist.

--Forced one child to eat regurgitated food by holding his mouth and nose closed, force-fed other children or deprived them of food.

--Electrically shocked children with a cattle prod, until the state ordered the practice stopped in 1972."

"It may take a while before spanking with a paddle returns to Los Angeles city schools, but when it does, school board member Bobbi Fiedler said she would be the first one to `bend over.'

" `I not only want to see what these paddles look like,' Fiedler said . . . `I want to experience it.'

"Fiedler explained that being paddled will help her `gather empirical evidence' on what kind of paddle should be used in spanking."

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