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Subscription: Bimonthly; $1 per annum; Box 325, Carville, La. 70721; circulation 74,000.

Subject Matter: The primary objective of the magazine, published by patients at the National Hansen's Disease Center, Carville, La., is to "Radiate the Light of Truth on Hansen's Disease" (as the subtitle suggests). HD is erroneously associated with biblical "leprosy." Each issue contains articles on care and treatment of HD patients, articles on research, and human interest stories at Carville and throughout the world.

Sample Material: "I was on a bus on my way to Carville. The man sitting next to me started to talk to me.... He seemed surprised that there was a Public Health Service hospital at Carville. I explained that it was a specialty hospital, and that its specialty is Hansen's disease (HD).... I went on to explain that it is a skin disease that produces skin lesions that sometimes become anesthetic.... Trauma due to lack of sensation often causes injury to hands and feet. I also mentioned that it is only slightly contagious.... He said he was surprised that he'd never heard of the disease before. I said, `You probably have, it's also known as "leprosy." ' ... He inched over to the edge of his seat and looked around the bus (probably to find another seat, but the bus was full)."

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