Unusual Magazines Transition

About the unusual magazine Transition, information on subscriptions, subjects, and samples.



Subscription: Published from time to time; $10 for 10 issues; Box 56, Tappan, N.Y. 10983; circulation 1,000.

Subject Matter: Transition contains news and analysis of medical, legal, governmental, and other developments of interest to transsexuals, transvestites, and the professionals serving them.

Sample Materials: "Tall girls don't look graceful in short jackets. Over-weight girls shouldn't wear pleats; pleats are lines too and add to your width. Sheath or straight skirts make you look slimmer. Large prints are for tall people. Loud prints should never be worn by small men or women. Patch pockets are for tall girls, slit pockets for shorties. Bouffant sleeves are for tallies and slimmies."

"Nancy (36 and two years post-op) had some reassurance to offer on this point (insecurity). `I still felt that I was masquerading as a woman for quite a while after the surgery. But as I kept changing and becoming more feminine, the feeling of falseness went away.' "

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