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Subscription: Ten times per year; $4 per year; Dr. Leo Louis Martello, Suite 1B, 153 W. 80th Street, New York, N.Y. 10024; circulation 6,300.

Subject Matter: The newsletter of the Witches Anti-Defamation League and the Witches Liberation Movement presents articles on the pre-Judeo-Christian Pagan religion and news of the current Pagan (nature-oriented) Movement around the world.

Sample Materials: From an interview with Dr. Leo Louis Martello:

"Q. Why were witches associated with the devil?

"A. ... The association of witches with the devil came about because of the horned goat-god of the witches. The Sabbatical Goat shown in symbols, drawings, and images became the scapegoat of Christian fanatics. Witches didn't believe in Satan which is a Christian concept. The Old Religion was based on nature worship and identification with natural law.

"Q. Does psychic power have anything to do with sex?

"A. Yes. Poltergeists (literally means `noisy ghosts' from German) are caused by the repressed sexuality of an adolescent. Cases where objects fly around room, glasses break, clocks fall off the walls, etc., are usually caused by the presence of a teenager. Young virgin boys or girls were often used as mediums to gaze into a crystal ball or a glass of water... the developing but unexpressed sexuality gave power and clear vision (clairvoyance)."

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