Unusual Magazines Zymurgy

About the unusual magazine Zymurgy, information on subscriptions, subjects, and samples.



Subscription: Quarterly; $8 per year; Box 287, Boulder, Colo. 80306; circulation 2,000.

Subject Matter: Zymurgy is the Journal of the American Homebrewers Association. Readers share tips and techniques about brewing. Also includes stories, lore, anecdotes, editorials, and product and book reviews.

Sample Materials: "Now that you have decided to start your own brewery, you don't have to take out a loan from the bank for equipment. The entire hardware can be purchased for under $50, if you shop around."

"Many seasoned homebrewers have avoided the use of domestic malt extract because they have felt that beer brewed with it tastes cidery and possesses a `big bubble' feeling when drunk. Whimmy Diddle Brown Lager is a brew concocted especially for dealing with these detributes in mind."

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