U.S. History and Trivia Quiz Part 1 The Questions

A fun United States history and trivia quiz to test your knowledge of America.



1. Can you name the one U.S. president who never voted in a presidential election?

2. Where is the bank that honors a man who held it up?

3. What U.S. coin was the first to bear the motto "In God We Trust"?

4. Where in the U.S. are you allowed to look for diamonds--and keep them if you find them?

5. What state in the U.S. has no official motto?

6. Which state was the first in the U.S. to elect a woman governor?

7. In what state can you be fined $300 for picking a wild flower?

8. Which is the nation's largest privately owned university?

9. Did any U.S. president ever serve in the Confederate government?

10. Has there ever been a U.S. president who had no brothers or sisters?

11. Where did the first yellow pages in the telephone book appear?

12. Why does Illinois block off 3 mi. of road to public traffic for an entire month every autumn?

13. Only one restaurant in the U.S. is forced by law to serve bean soup every day. What is that restaurant?

14. A city in what state elected the first woman mayor in U.S. history?

15. What state had its capital changed 15 times?

16. What two states in the U.S. do not have daylight saving time?

17. In 1865 George Mortimer Pullman spent $18,000 to build the first railroad sleeping car, called the Pioneer, in Chicago, but it was a failure because no one could use it. It had been built too wide to go through stations and too high to go under bridges. What national event saved Pullman from bankruptcy and made him a millionaire?

18. How many buffalo were there in the old Wild West of the U.S.?

19. How many slaves were there in the U.S. at the time Abraham Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation?

20. Who created the name United States of America?

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