U.S. History and Trivia Quiz Part 2 The Answers

Answers to a fun United States history and trivia quiz to test your knowledge of America.




1. Gen. Zachary Taylor, the hero of the Seminole and Mexican wars, was eligible to vote in 10 presidential elections--and voted in none of them. He did not even vote for himself when he became the 12th President.

2. Liberty, Mo., was where Jesse James robbed his first bank. Thirty years later the same bank was turned into the Jesse James Bank Museum, displaying mementos of the bandit's criminal career.

3. On Apr. 22, 1864, the motto first appeared on a bronze 2c piece.

4. Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, producing the only real diamonds in the U.S., invites visitors to hunt for diamonds on its 867 acres. The park advertises: "Bring any find you suspect to be a diamond to the park office for a free weight and certification. And anything you find is yours, no matter the value." On the average, 200 diamonds are found each year.

5. Alaska.

6. In 1924 Mrs. Nellie Tayloe Ross took office as governor of Wyoming. Later, she was appointed director of the U.S. Mint and served in that position for 20 years. As far back as 1869, the Wyoming territorial legislature had granted universal female suffrage, the first government in the world to do so.

7. Colorado. The state treasures its beautiful wild flowers, such as the columbine, the state flower. Authorities feel that the thoughtless destruction of the flowers reduces their chances for reproduction.

8. Brigham Young University in Provo. U.

9. Yes, one did. President John Tyler, who left the White House in 1845, served in the provisional Confederate Congress and was elected by his fellow Virginians to the Confederate House of Representatives in 1861, but he died before taking his seat.

10. No president was ever an only child.

11. Cheyenne, Wyo., in 1883.

12. This small road east of State Route 3 in Union County is closed at Winter's Pond to allow hundreds of turtles and rattlesnakes to migrate west safely to their winter quarters in the Ozark rocks.

13. By law the Congressional cafeteria in Washington, D.C., must have Yankee soup--plain bean soup--on the menu every day.

14. Kansas. In 1887 the town of Argonia elected 27-year-old Susanna Medora Salter the nation's first female mayor.

15. Texas.

16. Hawaii and Alaska.

17. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln saved George Pullman. Eager to offer its best to its fallen native son, Illinois decided to add Pullman's luxurious sleeping car to the funeral train carrying Lincoln's body from Chicago to its final resting place in Springfield. Immediately, railway platforms were modified, bridges across the lines were raised, and the Pullman car was on its way to fame and fortune.

18. There were none. Those were bison. You'd have to go to Africa or Asia to see a buffalo.

19. About 4 million.

20. The man who coined the name United States of America was once indicted for treason in England, came to America in 1774, and was later jailed in France. His pamphlets, among them Common Sense, propagandized for the American Revolutionary War. Called an atheist, he died impoverished and largely forgotten in 1809. His name was Thomas Paine.

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