Weird and Fun Trivia Quiz Part 2 Answers

Answers to a fun trivia quiz. Test your knowledge of weird random facts.



1. Morte Alla Francia Italia Anela ("Death to the French Is Italy's Cry").

2. Angelus Player Pianos.

3. Iran.

4. Shakespeare had seven brothers and sisters. Two sisters were older than he--Joan, six years older, who died before the playwright was born; and Margaret, two years his senior. He also had two younger sisters and three younger brothers: another Joan, two years younger; Anne, seven years younger; Gilbert, a haberdasher, two years younger; Richard, 10 years younger; and Edmund, who may have become an actor, 16 years his junior.

5. Yes, three whites at various times played on the Globetrotters--Bob Karstens, Harold "Bunny" Levitt, and Abe Saperstein. Levitt, who had never been to college, was only 5 ft. 4 in., too small for competitive basketball. But he became the greatest free-throw artist in court history. He also sank 499 successive free throws. The Globetrotters offered $1,000 to anyone who could beat him at the line. No one ever did. Saperstein, London-born, founded the Globetrotters in 1927. At first he had only five players. Whenever someone was injured, Saperstein, though only 5 ft., would substitute for him. He was, if nothing else, a great dribbler. He died in 1966.

6. Isaac Asimov tells us a mosquito has 47 teeth.

7. H. G. Wells.

8. Jacob Marley. He died on a Christmas Eve and comes back to haunt Scrooge on a Christmas Eve.

9. None other than President Nixon's attorney general, John Mitchell, who served a prison term for his involvement in the Watergate scandal.

10. About 8,000 people.

11. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmy Foxx, Al Simmons, and Joe Cronin all went down swinging.

12. He was a tail gunner and aerial photographer on B-17's. His name was Clark Gable.

13. You bet. To gather and store 2 lb. of honey, 60,000 worker bees visit 3 million flowers in one hour.

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